Part I: Value-Based Care Evolutions in 2024

The concept of value-based care for chronic conditions has emerged as a pivotal force, reshaping the way patients, providers, and payers collaborate to improve the quality of care and reduce costs.

JP Morgan Healthcare Conference 2020

From Market Street to The Embarcadero, The Parnassus Group sent a team of their Analyst to the 2020 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference to provide observations and commentary

Kate Harris: Living A Centrifugal Life

What’s her source of inspiration? Other people. “My inspiration when I was younger, was self-motivated – I wanted to go do things, acquire achievements, and be impressive. Along that path, my sources of inspiration and creativity have shifted and as I've grown up and out, I've felt more motivated by others...

Kathleen Stengel – Driving Change in Behavioral Health

The Parnassus Group recently came across Kathleen Stengel and her story, a career dedicated to children with developmental disabilities. Her work spans more than 20 years of developing programs around the treatment of these individuals through her expertise in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). She has degrees in both Psychology and Behavior Analysis, but in talking with Kathleen, the role she’s played in this part of healthcare clearly goes far beyond academics.

John Donlan – The Practice of Peace Amidst Ambition For Change

Inspiring justice through thoughtful action has long been a formula for international peacemakers. The time has come for America to lean into this recipe and maybe some of the leadership that has ushered in fundamental justice around the globe. We believe John Donlan is one of the leaders to watch.

Misha Palecek – Culture Leads Care In Life And In Healthcare Innovation

Misha Palecek is the Chief Development Officer of a multi-billion dollar healthcare innovator and daily taps into his family and a very personal loss to keep his focus and deepen his perspective

Corbin Petro – Pursuing Patient Dignity From Medicaid to Population Health

A leader that has traversed the sphere's of the US Senate and a statewide Medicaid agency, Corbin is taking her pragmatic views on earning public trust into population health as CEO of Benevera

Leadership Lessons Learned From The Navy Seals and the Army Rangers

Mike Foley, former CIO for Mass Mutual considers leadership through the lens of the US Navy Seals and Army Rangers

Rock and Roll Notes That Move Mountains

We talked with Brad Corrigan from the band Dispatch which was started 20 years ago, has sold out Madison Square Gardens for multiple nights and packed Red Rocks and 30 other venues in summer of 2017. This band is credited with beginning the Indie band movement and Brad has an amazing story to tell about his work in Nicaragua in the trash dump communities.

Interview With Lee Ellis – Author and Patriot

The Parnassus Group recently spoke with Lee Ellis about his experience as a POW during the Vietnam War where he was in the same camp with John McCain.

Interview With Jeff Thull – Author and Speaker

The Parnassus Group spent time with Jeff Thull to talk with him about his years of advising business leaders on the way that they study value and the assimilation of meaningful metrics that can be applied inside the realities of any healthcare or other type of client relationship puzzle.

Part Two of Leadership Lessons Learned from The Navy Seals And Army Rangers

In an earlier article we explored a generalized ethos combining the respective creeds of the Navy Seals and the Army Rangers and began to explore the personal imperatives for leadership suggested by them. We are going to move deeper into that consideration

An Interview With Terry Pearce – Author of Leading Out Loud

Terry Pearce has been a leader on the world stage during the Reagan and Bush era's and in corporate America and international policy for over four decades. His ability to interact with senior leaders and explore the things that form their personal story and show them how to take those things into inspirational strategy development is the source of several books.

The Parnassus Group Joins With Urban Avenues To Energize Economic Renewal

As of late, there has been a sort of renaissance in Birmingham. The urban center is becoming attractive with new businesses as well as a new ballpark for the local Birmingham Barons.

Passing A Torch

We are celebrating yet another year of freedom for the people of the United States.  The stories are never further away than a cousin, grandparent maybe even a spouse or sibling.  They have all put their own lives on hold or given them up altogether to bring us freedom, pathways to hope and foundations for a future free of despotism within our borders and around the world.  For me, the stories include my own father who served during the Berlin Crisis and another man, Wayne Alderson featured in the book Stronger Than Steel.

Change Champions Take Value To The People

Leaders have to look honestly at today's situation and also simultaneously envision the developing future. You are shaping plans that are on a continuum.