Matt Pine 

ceo, Intellicure


Matthew is a results-oriented professional currently serving as the President and CEO at Intellicure, LLC in Greater Houston. With over 25 years of experience, he has been instrumental in leading dynamic teams, employing data-driven strategies to navigate complex scenarios, and empowering individuals with knowledge for success. Matthew’s commitment to leveraging technology and human potential has driven innovation, empathy, and mutual growth through his various roles.

Matt’s spirit of creativity, wit and willingness to learn made him the ideal candidate for the Palladium Forum. Matt has known John and trusted the Parnassus Method for years, thus brought a sense of trust in the Palladium process from day 1. He dove into the learning and, more importantly, to the real-world puzzles of his cohort members with genuine curiosity. His thoughtful questions, deeply creative reflections, and investment in his fellow-cohort members helped shape the culture of the group.