Fluent in the languages of leadership, healthcare, and profitable growth

Energizing Good Growth Through Great Leaders

Pursuing purpose with healthcare executives.

Advancing Care Through Talent Acquisition & Leadership Development

Meaningful growth occurs when a complex strategy is executed by the right people. With a focus on what aspects of the strategy are producing results, leaders hit the ground with momentum.




Our Approach

We generate certainty in critical leadership additions to provide transformational leadership and maximize value.

Energizing Good Growth Through Great Leaders

We focus our work amidst the investment thesis for the business itself and utilize a consistent method to produce excellence in every engagement. Deep sector experience enables a different kind of intuition and opens access to a full spectrum of high capacity leadership. We use methods that are common among investment banking to enable a different kind of conversation and analysis.

Our role as generous hosts is a pivotal part of our identity.

Components  of life and work are always intertwined so we start with personally understanding people in a way that demonstrates our care and focus on them. It allows them to experience us as genuine thought partners who will advocate for their best interest in transparent ways. 


Every conversation with a client is framed within their full leadership thesis.

Beginning with a deep interest in critical thinking around strategy, financial capacity and operational realities we enable a rich analytical process that produces a refined solution.


“We study the business, assess the critical factors to their success and the elements of how they view leadership needs. We set a course for exactly what to look for and measure in business leaders. We are creating balance, adding probability, moving risk out of the decision making process.”


John Lankford, Founder

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