The 2020 JP Morgan Meeting is now midstream and the developments that are coming through are valuable to consider as we see our focus areas of behavioral health, chronic care settings and value based evolution all taking center stage.  Telehealth looks to continue to take a prominent position in investment profiles with new forecasts predicting 61% of hospital revenue will come from managed and value-based care models by 2021 with remote care models acting as a catalyst for much of this growth. Innovation around consumer engagement is desperately needed.  When you compare engagement numbers in healthcare with other segments like finance, education, etc. there is still an alarming disconnect with mindshare of consumers and any consistent care platform that they trust and engage.  Parnassus spent time with CEO Josh Golomb of Hazel Health in their Mission Street offices to get a first hand look at the impact that they are having on student health in school systems that have embraced their Telehealth solution for many of the common illness episodes that disrupt the ability for students and their families to find the balance between health and mental/emotional development in classroom settings.  Data insights and practical experience could have enormous implications for behavioral health as the company takes the full universe of wholistic health into consideration through their humanized technology solutions.

From Market Street to The Press Club, many of the most important meetings are occurring outside of the “center ring”.  Weather has been a factor in the most positive ways this year so meetings are brighter and easier to keep in cadence with the packed schedules that were assembled weeks in advance.