Andy Thompson

Executive Engagement Director

Andy brings two elements of his makeup to the work amidst the team and our Community of Leaders. First he brings out the curiosity of a lifetime student, taking nothing for granted as he studies the shape of each leader and the unfolding needs of a particular venture. He then champions the right connections between cause and leadership, enabled by the deep work that was done up front. It insures that our clients have clarity and can step into action with a certainty that their investments are sound.”

Andy graduated from Clemson University where he earned a degree in History and Secondary Education. Upon completion of his degree, Andy moved to Washington D.C. to pursue training in leadership and human development and group dynamics. This took Andy all over the country organizing and coordinating collegiate leadership forums for elected officials. Projects within The Parnassus Group have included merger and acquisition leaders, payor strategies and contracting, Operations, VBC leaders, Business Development and more. His experience in leadership and organizational dynamics has instilled a sense of intuition and an ear for the finer details across a variety of healthcare specialities. He and his wife Katie reside in Gig Harbor, Washington with three boys, Everett (4), Oliver (2), and the newest addition, Ford.

“Over my career I have had the opportunity to work with multiple recruiters on a variety of position types. Parnassus Group, through the efforts of Andy Thompson stood far above other experiences to lead multiple recruitment efforts for me and helped deliver the dynamic and unique talent required. They took the time to understand my leadership style, the needs of the role, and most critically the type of candidate that would be a successful fit to my team and the company. The level of professionalism, engagement and proactivity is unprecedented. I would recommend them without question and will utilize them again upon my next recruitment need.”

-Joe Brunink CEO OI Infusion Services

More from our Clients & Candidates:

“I have nothing but great things to say about Andy and Carli at The Parnassus Group, who have been outstanding throughout the recruitment process. Although my background and prior experiences were in industries, functions and geographies entirely different from the role he was recruiting for, the care and attention Andy and Carli took in determining my personal and professional aspirations and goals helped us determine that making a switch made sense for me. Andy was exceptionally thorough in outlining the company culture and in ensuring that I was a great fit for the company and the hiring manager I would be working with. Andy was very thorough in checking in regularly through the interview process and providing resources to help address my concerns and questions about the company and role. Ultimately I was offered and accepted the position and I have had nothing but fantastic experiences at the company so far.”

Sudarshan Sriraman – North American Commercial Senior Manager @ Boston Consulting Group (BCG)


“Andy’s thoughtfulness and intentionality in ensuring strong cultural and professional alignment between company and candidate was exceptional and well above and beyond any recruiter I have ever encountered. I recommend him fully and unreservedly for anyone looking to make the next step in their career or any firm that is looking to ensure that they find the candidate who is not only a great professional but also a perfect cultural fit for their organization.” 

“Andy Thompson and the Parnassus Group were absolutely amazing to work with. They were engaged by my now current employer to fill a vacancy and moved expeditiously. They had an extremely welcoming and professional approach when they connected with me, which was the main reason I had my initial conversation with them about the role. They were extremely respectful of my time, and what I was looking for in my next role. They were exceedingly knowledgeable about the position they were recruiting for and what my employer wanted in the candidates. They were actively engaged throughout the interviewing process and performed in a manner that was a true testament to the philosophy behind their company. I would highly recommend not only working with them as a job seeker, but also as an organization needing additional support filling key roles.”

—Giana Garza SVP Operations Phynet Dermatology

The Parnassus Group is absolutely, 100%, truly unique. Little did I know 5 years ago that I would develop a friendship with John and the Parnassus Group. A brief call, which led to a short meeting, has turned into a meaningful relationship. I don’t think about the Parnassus team as a firm, I think of them as trusted advisors and friends. John has been a mentor to me, and someone that I think to call when I’m faced with difficult decisions, or I’m seeking an unbiased view. But it doesn’t stop with John, he’s developed a team that is bright, talented, and wants to provide a service that is unparalleled.

As I’ve grown in my career, the scope of the work has gained complexity, exposure to senior leadership more frequent, and the impact of decisions more meaningful, I’ve realized the importance of creating balance.

When I think about the time I’m with my family during the work-week, the amount of hours are precious.  I’ve made a commitment (most of the time) to set my phone down when I walk in the house at the end of the day, and try not to pick it back up until the kids are in bed. While this may not sound like a lot, I’ve found it’s the little things that create the necessary boundaries.

What are some of the things that you have learned as a leader that involved your decision making process about coming to DaVita?

Over the years, I’ve heard the phrase, “life is a journey, not a destination”. This became true when I started working at Davita, and realized that the Village provided an opportunity to learn and grow, and be part of something bigger than an employee fulfilling a role in an organization.

Prior to DaVita, I spent a number of years in an organization wanting more, but unclear where I would find it, and how I would get there. When I learned about DaVita,  I was intrigued by the concept of Teammates, and hearing stories about tenure and the ability to grow within the organization.

As I’ve experienced this journey first hand, I’ve found the experience to be more fulfilling than I could have imagined. Knowing that I can raise my hand to gain exposure to a project, be called on by Teammates outside my lane provides energy to continue to want to do more. This is an organization that encourages an entrepreneurial spirit, while never having to leave the organization.