Best Practices for Search Management

Based on study and analysis, this is a blueprint that we have designed to provide the strategic advantage required to identify, cultivate, and secure critical talent.

“Beginning with the end in mind,” we use these tools to customize our approach to your known expectations and systematically test your bias as we move toward the goal.


Strategy and Calibration

Charting The Course: Completion of Engagement Exploration document and Candidate Calibration exercise (both provided by TPG).

Expanded Perspective: Having at least 1 introductory conversation with invested stakeholders has dramatic impact on early and late stage success of any search. This can, and most likely should, include leaders outside of the hiring team who will have frequent interaction with a placed candidate.

Benchmarking: Conducting a dialogue with someone who has been successful in the role adds significant value during the early stage of a search process.

Cadence: Establishing a routine live update on a weekly/bi-weekly basis ensures that critical momentum is not lost.

Marketing and Selection

Internal Process Thoughtfulness: What is your current systematic approach to interviewing? Are the medium and content of your conversations with candidates consistent?

Analysis: Parnassus will provide a Candidate Assessment for each candidate formally presented in the search process. This is an excellent guide for uncovering the nuances and particulars not afforded by simply relying on resumes.

Velocity: Crispness and speed of feedback after each candidate interview is critical for both candidate movement and continuous improvement of the process itself

Final Stages

Continuity is Paramount: Maintaining a familiar feedback/communication pattern solidifies an organic feel for the candidate and also allows for cues and nuances to be picked up quickly and addressed if needed. Hiring teams that entrust the offer stage to our group have a 22% increased chance of receiving an accepted offer.

Clarity Strengthens: Quick communication and ease of accessibility between Parnassus and the hiring team in the final stages of a search ensures maximum level of clarity. Like landing on a moving aircraft carrier, there are multiple factors being taken into account at once. If communication with tower is lost at any point, flying blind rarely produces desired results.

Momentum Matters: Parnassus rapport builds and maintains trust that leads to increased opportunity to address candidate concerns or hesitations that often surface in final stages of a search process.