The Way Forward – Pivotal Affections

Leadership Stories

The non-negotiables.  Things we hold onto. The things that define our strength, our core, and establish our truest horizons.

Affections are what they are referred to in the words of theologians and philosophers.  Living and breathing in our imaginations and our history, these affections are things worth fighting for and as we invite others into the midst of them, these great bedrocks like courage, mercy, and dignity can become foundations of a lifetime of purpose.  Demanding lifestyles seem to drive so much of these core themes to the footnotes of our days and sometimes we feel we have lost sight of them altogether.  All of us have to take the time to get above the smoke line of our distracted lives on occasion and re-calibrate our vision to the affections that are our true compass of complete living.  When we make the time to get a run, a bike ride, a drive or a walk in the woods, new light most surely enters and suddenly we have the option to pursue a path that reflects our truest selves.

With summer upon us, take the time to enjoy some time of self-awareness.  The collective that depends on us to be strong leaders will be energized as our lives are re-animated with a new level of clarity.

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